Webinar: Phone Calls - The True Business Marketing Lead

Despite the past decade’s excitement over e-commerce, it’s often forgotten that 93 percent of U.S. retail spending happens offline. But a quickly growing share is influenced online. In this light, the smartphone’s on-the-go use case presents all new opportunities to attribute online marketing to real offline results.

The area where this is heating up most ironically goes back to decades-old technology: phone calls. The smartphone’s native dialing capabilities, high intent users, and call tracking technologies are all coming together to enable new opportunities in conversion analytics for large as well as small businesses (SMBs).

And this is exactly what the sizeable SMB segment wants. BIA/Kelsey research indicates that SMBs rate phone calls as the most valued lead form. But to capture that demand, the name of the game is not only driving calls but providing tangible analytics and attribution metrics that are SMB-friendly (read:simple).

During the webinar, we will cover several important topics including:

  • Mobile usage and underlying trends driving the call monetization opportunity
  • Helping businesses measure and optimize campaigns by connecting each phone call back to its originating ad, keyword or search term.
  • Making it easy for companies to launch their own call analytics, demonstrate clearer ROI, and accelerate the shift from traditional to digital marketing

Recorded Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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