Wednesday, February 22

2:00pm EST

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Webinar Overview

Today's 911 calls can come from anything connected to the internet — literally anyTHING can act as an endpoint! And there are lots of exciting, but complex, opportunities for everything from heart-attack detection to home security solutions. Can you enhance your products with 911? Before you do, be sure to attend the webinar and understand the latest innovations and your opportunities.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How does e911 work?
    Understand the complexity of 911 directly from industry experts

  • How can you add value to IoT services with 911?
    Consider the potential value and complexities associated with adding 911 to things like drones, heart rate monitors, home security services, and more

  • What are the things to consider?
    Understand key touchpoints for providers like public safety impacts, liability risks, and maintaining user privacy & data integrity

Meet the Speakers

Greg Rogers

Emergency Services Thought Leader

Greg has served as Bandwidth's Deputy General Counsel for the past 6 years specializing in regulatory and public policy matters, including the world of 911. Greg supports, advises and steers Bandwidth's business team as it navigates the constantly evolving 911 landscape.

Thomas Ginter

Emergency Services Thought Leader

Thomas Ginter is a Certified Professional Engineer and 911 industry veteran. His focus on emergency services began in 1995 where he chaired the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) working group on Emergency Services and was a contributing author to the resulting standards.

He has been engaged in the design, development and deploment of emergency services technologies supporting Cellular, 2G, 3G and 4G wireless mobile systems; for Voice over IP (VoIP) 911; for Text-to-911 systems all on a national scale as well as state-wide systems for Next Generation 911