Bandwidth V2 Messaging

A Better Way to Text Message


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We’re almost ready to unleash the next iteration of the Bandwidth Messaging API. It’s purpose-built to satisfy next generation enterprise messaging use cases, with added features for privacy, collaboration, and massive scalability. Combined with the powerful messaging features from our previous Messaging API like long message support, interoperability with short codes, international numbers and short codes, our newest API will offer the most wireless-like experience available today in a Messaging API. If you can text it on your cell phone, you can automate and integrate it using Bandwidth.

A New Texting API with Powerful Features for Enterprise-Grade Users

Check out a few of the new features, coming soon to an API near you:

  • The first and only group messaging API in the market enables amazing user experiences— no additional plug-ins (or annoying separate text windows) necessary.
  • We’ve also done away with permanent message storage, opening up possibilities for banks, hospitals or others with data privacy concerns.
  • We’ve upped the ante on message throughput, making this API or highest performing Texting API yet.

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